S. Gurpartap Singh Wadala is an Indian politician and belongs to the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal. He is a member of Punjab Legislative Assembly and represents Nakodar. He is son of former Shiromani Akali Dal Senior Leader Jathedar S. Kuldip Singh Wadala. S. Gurpartap Singh Wadala was elected to Punjab Legislative Assembly from Nakodar in 2017 and 2012 continuously. He replaced his father as Akali Dal candidate from Nakodar. He is also a Chairman of Guru Nanak National College for Boys and Guru Nanak National College for Women. He took his step ahead to renovate the respective city up to grand level including the development of villages who are extreme rural. He started many development programs in various villages for convenience of people. He swear to serve the nation with all his dignity and honesty. He is member of Shromani Akali Dal. Also serving his party by maintaining the goodwill of party. By the way his main hobby is gardening in free time.